About aquasportz™


How I began. I started teaching water aerobics to help my grandparents begin exercising. They never took one of my classes, but I fell in love with training in the water.

I was an all-state football and baseball player when I was in high school. When my left shoulder was shoved between my collar bones, my collegiate and (hopeful) professional career was over before it began.

After college, I fell in love with golf, but my body hated it. I had stiff muscles from using weights and my body had been weakened from my many injuries. I tried to heal these injuries by warming up with a workout in the gym, then playing golf, but I still always hurt my back and hip. I lived with agonizing pain. Not only was the pain unbearable, it was impossible for me to improve my swing and enjoy the game I loved.

One day during water aerobics, I realized the twisting motion in the water was very close my golf swing. If I had something to hold onto, (like a golf club), it would give me more resistance, and I could mimic my golf swing in the water.

Why is the AQUASPORTZ™ program a complete sports training aid?

  • Water resistance and buoyancy creates full-body strength and increases balance.
  • Awareness of how muscles are isolated and perform in water improves swings on land.
  • The water teaches the body to swing from the ground up, using the entire body to create more powerful swings.
  • No impact, high strength training -- heals injuries related to impact and relieves chronic pain.
  • Water resistance creates fast-twitch muscles, which are leaner and faster than muscles acquired through weight training.

I engineered the first AQUACLUB™ in 2000 by attaching a toilet plunger onto a mop handle. Crude at best – but it did validate my theory. My next attempt was to attach a swimming lane buoy to a golf shaft. It seemed to work, but wavered through the water. I cut slots in the buoy, allowing the water to flow through, creating a smoother swing and improved resistance.

I’ve spent the last decade perfecting the training sessions to use the AQUACLUB™, getting the AQUACLUB™ into the market and healing myself from supposedly life-long injuries. My golf swing is now the most powerful it's ever been. I have only played a few times for the past five years, but I can now swing pain-free and have gained a swing speed of over 130 mph. My body is a golf swinging machine, from the feet up!

There’s nothing worse for an athlete than not being able to play. I have spent a great deal of time and energy following this dream, because I know it will help people to play their sports longer and perform better. — Chris Wood, Owner and Developer of AQUASPORTZ™ and the AQUACLUB™.